Webinar On-Demand: How to Build and Run a Super Efficient In-house Agency 


More and more companies are making the move to an in-house agency and it's not hard to see why  significant cost savings, more transparency and greater control of data are just some of the triggers. 

In our webinar on-demand you will find out:

  •  The key benefits of making the switch to an in-house agency model. 
  • How to effectively manage expectations at your in-house agency with a dedicated on-boarding process. 
  • How to standardize your briefing process to ensure the smooth operations of your in-house agency. 
  • The metrics you need to track and measure at your in-house agency for optimal performance.
  •  How to validate the existence of your in-house agency to senior management.

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The Speakers

Daragh Gosnell


As a workflow and process fanatic, Daragh has 10 years of industry experience as a PM working with Fortune 500 companies as well as fast growth small companies.

As a Senior Business Analyst with Screendragon, he works closely with PMs and Client Teams during the early phases of implementations to understand how teams currently work and then define more innovative and efficient ways of working using the Screendragon platform.

A certified SCRUM practitioner, Daragh is familiar with working with clients in an agile way to deploy and transition to new systems.  

Fergus Ashe


Fergus is the Chief Commercial Officer at Screendragon. He joined Screendragon in 2005 and is responsible for Screendragon’s global sales, marketing and customer success teams.

He has over twenty years experience in the marketing technology sector having previously spent 7 years working at leading advertising and digital agencies.

During his years at Screendragon he has helped some of the world’s best companies transform their brand management and marketing operations including P&G, Kellogg’s, BP, Kimberly Clark, WPP, Omnicom and many more.

This webinar is suited to the following professionals: Creative Services Directors and Managers, Creative Operations Directors and Managers, Marketing Operations Directors and Managers, CMO's, Marketing Directors and Managers, Brand Directors and Managers and more!

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