Webinar On-Demand: Creative Operations Trends in 2024 with Hallmark

Webinar - Creative Operations Trends in 2024 - LP

In our most popular webinar to date, Jo Phillips, Head of Creative Services at Hallmark Cards, joins Screendragon’s Chief Commercial Officer, Fergus Ashe, to discuss her perspective on creative operations trends for 2024. Watch our on-demand webinar to hear the Hallmark view on:

  • Collaborative Spark: 52% of creatives said their #1 creative stimulant is their colleagues. How does Hallmark help stimulate creativity?
  • Remote Resourcing: 88% of creatives work from home at least once a week. How does Hallmark manage hybrid resources?
  • Artificial Intelligence: What is Hallmark’s perspective on the role of AI in creative operations?
  • 2024 Creative Toolkit: There are countless solutions available for creatives and marketers, but what's inside Hallmark’s creative tech stack?