Comparison Datasheet - Screendragon vs Adobe Workfront

Comparison PDF - SD vs Adobe Workfront -1

Is your company considering purchasing Adobe Workfront to help manage your work? Are you an Adobe Workfront customer looking for an alternative project management software? Download our comparison one pager to see current differences between Screendragon and Adobe Workfront with specific focus on the themes below!

  • UX – Understand the UX differences and how the UX could influence adoption.
  • Tasks v Workflow – What is the difference between task management and workflow automation for Screendragon and Adobe Workfront? 
  • Forms – How flexible are data forms in both systems to customize as per your business processes?

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Disclaimer: All references to Adobe Workfront and their product(s) are for information and comparative purposes only. We are not a­ffiliated, associated, authorized or endorsed by Adobe Workfront. Adobe Workfront and the Adobe Workfront Logo are trademarks of Adobe.

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