Workfront Alternative: See Why Fortune 100 Companies Choose Screendragon

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Are you looking for an alternative to Workfront or considering it as a platform? 

Screendragon is a leading all-in-one work management platform serving  global enterprises and agencies such as Kellogg's, The International Olympic Commitee, BP, TBWA and McCann World Group. We match Workfront in a lot of areas but the difference is we go that bit further – further with functionality and further with design and User Experience.

Here are just some of the key differences:




SaaS License & Service Fees


 Generally medium-high

Implementation Costs


 Generally medium-high


 6-12 weeks

Approx.10-20 weeks

Ease of Use

“Easy to use & navigate. Very user friendly. Fantastic user and administrator customization tools” – user review, Capterra, Sep 2018

Considered complex
“It requires user training to understand the interface as it's not that intuitive” – user review, G2 Crowd, Jun 2020


 Built with creatives in mind. Huge focus on creating a visual experience.

Can look technical and uninspiring.

UI Branding

 Highly customizable.

 Customization can be limited & almost always requires added costs.

Workflow Capabilities

Workflow editor can support limitless use cases and configurations. Flexibility to add-on additional processes.

 Limited functionality
 Tends to be equipped with rudimentary, tabular workflow capabilities and there isn't a 'no-coding' visual workflow editor.   

Permission Controls

 Very granular permission controls to facilitate large global organizations.

 A limited set of permission controls eg. no permissioning on forms.

Project Management

Smart project template automation.

Manual project template selection.

DAM Capabilities & Proofing

 Integrated and no extra licensing cost for usage.

 Add on module & extra costs may apply depending on license types.

SOW/Estimates/Rate Cards

 Advanced with lots of flexibility to handle different pricing methods.

 Less pricing flexibility.

Resource Management & Capacity Planning

 Integrated tightly with SOW resource planning and opportunity management (pipeline).

 Less closely integrated with SOW/staff planning activities.


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